Magical Litter Scooper - Fast Sifting and Instant Cleaning

$18.95 $29.99


We all love our beloved felines, but when it comes to cleaning out their litter pans...ugh! We've created a litter scooper that makes this task much more bearable. You see, this scopper is made from lightweight, zinc-coated metal that is very simple to use. It's easy to keep clean and purrr-fect for multi-cat families.

Even professionals opt to use this scooper!

Seriously, you never have to shake the litter off the poop again because this scooper is designed to let the clean litter easily slip between the tines back into the litter box. No more dust bowls!


  • Keeps litter in clumps to avoid dust from turning up. Cleans up the litter box in seconds!
  • Made from durable 4mm diameter stainless steel wire
  • Smooth surface with epoxy resin coating makes it corrosion resistant and VERY easy to keep clean


  • Size: 13.4x6.2x2.7inches